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Custom shows


MUSIc Tracks

Each of these tracks were produced and recorded for one of our shows. 



Work with client on concept and theme.

Present an outline of the show for approval.

Produce the show.

Produce all music in connection with show.

Record the performance tracks for playback.

Record Introductions and Voice Overs.

Choreograph the show.

Design and make all costumes.

Hire all performers for the event.

Hire all support staff.

Shows generally run 12 to 15 minutes

Performers are available for walk around and photo ops 1 - 2 hours prior to the show & 30 to 45 minutes after the show.

Cast and support team:


Generally there are 24 dancers and 6 performers that sing or play an instrument.

Support team

Makeup - 6

Wardrobe - 2

Choreographer - 1

Body Paint - 2

Production Tech - 2

Production Assistant - 2

Available Themes:

Moulin Rouge

New York

Las Vegas

Summer Of Love

Back to the Future

Land Of Oz

Broadway Shows

James Bond



Cast Size:

30 - 70 people


$25k to $90k



Jeff Nuss Producer
All the music on this site has been recorded for shows I've produced except for the band demos. I've given specific direction to costume design and show flows. I own all the costumes you see in the videos. I have a group of repeat clients that use me every year in various cities around the US.  I generally travel with a core group of people 4 or 5 poeple and hire everyone else locally. This helps keep costs down on overall production for clients. I produce every aspect of the show or parts according to what the end client needs. 

My History

Working as a musician, band leader, audio engineer and event production manager for 37 years I've used my resources and skills to craft shows for selective clients over the years. The first show I produced was for an executive conference of Hilton Hotels in Phoenix in 1994. Prior to that I had been conducting bands for corporate award shows hiring local musicians in every city around the country from Boston to Seattle to Orlando which I still do today. My introduction to hiring and contracting musicians came in 1985 when I contracted a 40 piece orchestra for Ray Charles in San Francisco that opened the door to a wide array of high end events and clients. In order to do those events I formed several bands that I both managed and performed in for those events. This is the foundation of my business and shows I produce today. My strengths are getting talent, designing the show and crafting all the moving pieces together to make a seamless event. All of my work comes from companies and clients I have developed working relationships with over the years and when they need something they just call me and say do it! They know the show will be what they envision it to be! 

As a young man my drumming lead me to play on a circus and cruise ships. I played corporate shows for a number of years in San Francisco behind Vic Damone, Robert Guillaume, Jerry Vale, Connie Stevens, Danny Ganz, Tiny Tim, Anna Marie Alberghetti and Tim Conway to name a few. The big band I started in the early 90's got me gigs opening for Tony Bennet a number of times and opportunities to work with The Smoothers Bros., Sharon Stone, Robin Williams and a number of Society events in San Francisco.

Today not only do I produce shows, I own a sound company in Los Angeles, Next Level Audio and work as an audio engineer for live events. This has lead me to many new opportunities doing sound for a number of recording artists and actors. It is this work that completes the vision I had as a child. Not only produce the show itself but also provide all production associated with the show. The sound, the lights, the musicians, the dancers, the costumes and everything associated with the it. 

Whatever your needs are in any city, I have the contacts, knowledge and experience to produce the show and experience you desire. I have a team of people I call upon to produce these shows and events that I am extremely grateful for. They are the most talented people in the business whose credentials are too long to list here. I thank you in advance for the event we'll be working together on in the near future!




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